Mother’s Day – 9 May 2015

It’s a tradition that my sister will organise a celebration of Mother’s Day at my mother’s place. We are a big family of four generations. My mom has five children (my brothers and my sister) and there are a lot of mothers in our family tree (nine to be precise)!

This year my sis decided to have it celebrated on a Saturday. Each family was requested to bring something for lunch, potluck as it was called. We cannot do without vegetables, so my wife prepared two vegetable dishes, the ones we always enjoyed and also her signature dishes – hairy gourd with tang hoon and broccoli with dried mushrooms.

We had a family reunion Number 2 at my mother’s home. The food spread was excellent, not too much when compared with the Chinese New Year Reunion. Dried mee siam with fried eggs, curry chicken with roti, roast ducks, our vegetable dishes, traditional tang yuan soup (without any filling).

My sister was ever so thoughtful. She bought a Polar Café strawberry cake to end the meal on as sweet note. A bottle of bird nest was given to each mother present. This was a surprise!

To all mothers, you are great and appreciated!IMG_2608

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