Cultural thingy about Japan

  1. You have no chance to eye-ball any Japanese people. They try very hard to avoid eye contact with you. They are in the world of their own on train or bus rides.
  1. They do not talk on handphones when in the trains or buses. Things changed when I was on a bus in Singapore yesterday. Someone’s story get aired in public!
  1. Women would not leave home without dressing up and putting on make-ups when they are in public places.
  1. Men’s office wears are almost like uniform, blazers/jackets and pants are dark coloured.
  1. Japanese people take a lot of pride in whatever jobs, whether it is road marshall or cashier in sales outlets.
  1. Japanese people like to run to cross red-light traffic junction when it is flashing green. It is such a common sight.
  1. Whenever we approached a cashier, they would greet us and then speak to us in Japanese. We really do not know what they were saying. When we replied in English, they suddenly became less assured.
  1. Japanese people are courteous when you approach them for assistance.
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