Living a simple life

Two recent events set me thinking. One was the visit to the tranquil Tenryu-ji Temple with its Sogenchi Garden in Kyoto. The zen garden has a breathtaking view of a large pond, carefully manicured garden with Mount Arashimaya as backdrop. The other was when someone commented yesterday that our home was simple, not like most he had seen. This person is someone I highly respected.

If only life can be simple and peaceful! That will be my dream and hope.

The life I know is complex and so caught up with material pursuits and competition. I always wish to get away from this and retreat into a sanctuary, a zen like environment. Our home can be this sanctuary.

We can live with little possessions. Less is more. The less we have, the more we can live with spaciousness. This is what I know as a simple home. We need not accumulate more and more material things because enjoyment of these things is transient. Over past few years, our family has been giving up things that we deemed as not absolutely essential.

Besides material things, the psychological and spiritual aspects of living is truly important. The peace and contentment in our mental faculty surpasses happiness from having material things. With less, we are not caught up with emotions tied to having material possessions.

We can have the simplicity of this life just like entering Sogenchi Garden of Kyoto. The quietude of life is for everyone to enjoy, if only we put our mind to it.

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Zen Garden at Sogenchi Garden, Kyoto

Zen Garden at Sogenchi Garden, Kyoto

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