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Another look at factors affecting share prices

In the earlier blog post, I presented a graphical representation of factors affecting share price of a stock. The share price of stock is dependent on several factors starting with: one: company specific data and outlook two: industry specific information … Continue reading

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What factors move share prices – a graphical representation

Below is a graphical representation on factors that move share prices. (Click on picture to enlarge.) There are many reasons why share price moved. It is therefore difficult to pin-point why a stock moved in a specific way on a particular … Continue reading

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Staying with the present moment with mindfulness training

Our minds wander jumping from one thought to another. That is the nature of our minds. We can be caught up with so much thinking that we cannot remember the immediately preceding thought. The thought can be so subtle and … Continue reading

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Talking about fathers on Fathers’ Day

Now we see fathers bond with their children and active parenting is the norm. This generation of kids, the millennials, is better off than my generation, the baby boomers. My generation on the other hand is better off than my … Continue reading

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China equities soared and then dropped

China equities had a spectacular run since the start of this year. The Shanghai Composite Index started 2015 at 3,234.68 points. After 5 months, the index was 55.2% up on 5 June at 5,023.10 points. This level was closer to … Continue reading

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Returns on Life Insurance Participating Funds – 2014

If you have bought Life insurance policies, participating in form of bonuses depends to a great extent on performance of Life Participating Funds of your insurers. The table below shows the performance of these funds by four big Life insurers, … Continue reading

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What did I get out of Budget 2014 and Budget 2015?

If you are not a Pioneer Generation, you receive less benefit from the government budget. And if you stay in a property with annual value higher than the threshold, you get even less compared with most people. There is no … Continue reading

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