“Be Careful What You Wish For” by Jeffrey Archer – A Book Review

This is the fourth volume on the Clifton Chronicles. The story continues for Clifton and Barrington families with the answer to whether Sebastian Clifton was killed in a car accident or his friend Bruno Martinez suffered the fate. It is ironical that Bruno was the son of Don Pedro Martinez who has a great hatred of Harry Clifton and Emma Barrington.

Don Pedro persistently plotted to bring down both families ruthlessly. Harry and Emma with the support of the government had to stay ahead and to thwart Don Pedro’s under-hand methods.

It was always easy to read Jeffrey Archer’s novels and it did not take me long to complete this volume. The story line was clean cut and there was no major twists and turns or complexity that I could not follow. At times I felt that it was too easy to gain an upper hand. The volume ends with a major incident that we have to read the fifth volume “Mightier than the Sword” to know what happened next. Jeffrey Archer’s latest volume is already in hardback and I am waiting for the paperback edition to be available.


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