How much is my transport cost?

I wanted to know how much I had been spending on transport costs each month on average. The situation is that I do not commute to work anymore after retirement. But I still go to places using either public transport or driving my car. So I set out to track my spending on:

  1. Petrol cost
  2. Car park + ERP charges
  3. Taking public buses and MRT costs

How did I track?

For petrol and car park coupons, I use Esso Master Card to pay them. The credit card statement shows these charges.

I use NETs cash card to pay for automated car parks and ERP charges. The bank statement shows each top-up of NETS cash card.

I top-up EZLink card for use on public transport. I keep a record of date and the amount of cash to top-up the EZLink card.

I then work out the average of each cost on a per month basis. What do I get?

  1. Petrol + car park coupons = $90 per month
  2. Car park + ERP = $30
  3. Public transport = $30

Total costs = $150 per month

There you have it. I spent $150 per month on average on transport. Is this too much (bearing in mind that I do not commute to work anymore)? The use of car as a means of transport is a bit much in comparison to public transport. If I use public transport wholly, I can purchase the Adult Monthly Travel Pass at $120 for unlimited travel on bus and train rides. And if I am willing to travel during off-peak period, the Off-peak Monthly Travel Pass will cost me $80. (This is for a trial period from 5 July 2015 to 4 July 2017).

It may come a time when I have to give up driving a car (especially when I add up the other costs of owning and maintaining a car).

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