Staying with the present moment with mindfulness training

Our minds wander jumping from one thought to another. That is the nature of our minds. We can be caught up with so much thinking that we cannot remember the immediately preceding thought. The thought can be so subtle and quick that we take no notice of it.

I accomplish more when I am focused on a single activity instead of multi-tasking. When I write a blog, I keep at it until it was completed. There is no distraction to that single task. I write best when I am alone at home. I stay in the present with the task.

Mindfulness training is now popular in corporate America. You pay to attend such courses. This kind of training is to help one concentrate and to improve one’s well being.

There is a cheaper option for me: knitting and reading a novel. I picked up knitting and for others it can be a hobby that you like. These are leisure activities and I am not pressured into doing something I do not like. I do not depend on these activities for earning a living. Both knitting and reading a novel require concentration to be fully immersed in the activities. Of course, one can knit or read and his mind can be somewhere else. You may not be able to follow the story line when that happens! That is where we take notice of the wandering mind. Bring your mind back each time when it happens. The same can be said about knitting (or your hobby). You can always ask yourself at periodic interval: Where are you now? Are you still with the task?

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