Life’s ups and downs – Do not try to straighten things up

This post is motivated by one book I had read recently.

Life has its ups and downs. That is the way it is. We cannot be at peak performance and we cannot be happy all the time. There were times when we made mistakes or became upset. For example, I can get upset with government politics and the unfairness of these policies. I can get annoyed by inconsiderate people littering. I can do a list of what affect me unfavourably.

Humans are affected by conditions surrounding them. Our bodies can fall sick and that is the nature of human bodies. Should we get upset and blame the conditions we were in? We live with shoulds and should-nots. I should not over-eat and therefore it caused a tummy upset. Won’t it be better to deal with the present moment and take care of yourself now? It is much better to pay attention to the present moment. When emotion arises, we tend to dwell on them more than they deserve. Anger, resentment, joy, etc last longer if we are not paying attention to our current emotional state.

When unpleasant things happen, a coping strategy is not to pass judgment. On the other hand if pleasant things happen, we need not be attached to it. There is no need to cling on to it because this will cease at some point.

Living is now and is not about the past and the future. We can train ourselves to be fully awake and attentive in the here and now, to be awake to the various feelings and emotions right now, right this moment. Keep your mind open and receptive and trust in the present moment and trust yourself to handle life as it comes. If you know you are furious, you can then do the right thing so as not to cause problem to yourself later. That is to catch the emotion first before we act out of ignorance.

Sometimes we ask why we have negative emotions, such as anger, anguish, etc? Do we need to straighten this out? If we can just take it that emotion is just like that, we can better accept it as it is. There is no need to knock ourselves for having this emotion. This is just life. Just note it and let it pass.

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