Urging like-minded people not to take-away food/drink using Styrofoam containers

Styrofoam containers are cheaper option for food caterers/hawkers and some hawker centres like the Newton Food Centre use these in huge way (based on my last visit to it). New York City banned the use of these Styrofoam containers from this month for good reasons. It is not environmentally friendly and disposing of them is not easy. This waste when leaks into marine environments contaminates its water and affects marine lives. It does not end there. We may get to eat some of these chemically contaminated fishes and other marine animals.

I am an advocate for people to use their own food containers for take-away food. I also recommend that people avoid stalls that use these Styrofoam containers or pay a bit more for plastic containers instead. I am aware that this can cause livelihood problems to some hawkers. Hopefully, they can eliminate use of these Styrofoam over time and charge customers for the more expensive option of plastic or paper based containers. We can all do our part to encourage eco-friendly practices.

For people who eat at the food centres, then avoid certain stalls because they only offer Styrofoam plates and bowls. Melamin or ceramic/glass type of crockery is a better alternative.

I do not see why NEA is not making an issue with the use of Styrofoam containers in food centres. Is there a reason for this that I am not aware of? If New York City and some other cities can ban the use of Styrofoam containers, why can’t we follow suit?

BBC News: Why New York banned polystyrene foam

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