Getting the flu

The weather is so hot and you perspire like a pig. To add to the discomfort, my nose leaks and with the backflow, my throat feels so ticklish that it was hard to have a good night sleep. The more you perspire, the more you cough. Once in a while, I get this sickening medical condition. When I am healthy most of the time, I think nothing of this. I felt that I am immune to air-borne flu viruses. I can be strong while others around me are falling sick. No such thing! I am just like anyone else.

Getting sick brings up several emotions.


  1. You do not want pass the virus to your family. So you find many ways to get your cough under control, like coughing in the bathroom, and then keeping the house clear of germs, washing your hands many times. You sleep in a separate room so as not to disturb your family with your persistent cough.
  2. You have an important appointment coming up in the week and you wish you can recover in time. This adds stress to your already miserable condition.
  3. You fear that you are getting worse and not better. You have this irrational fear that, what if I cough so hard that my blood vessel burst? Why is my breathing so laboured? What if my lungs collapsed?


I asked myself why I got this flu. Where did I catch it? Why did someone cough at the back of me? This is surely not the way, trying to dwell in the past. Instead, I should do what is necessary now to get well. More honey, more almond drink, more water, more rest, etc.


Well, as a human being, it is normal to fall sick. It is the coping that is important. I believe that our body have the mechanism to recover. The body can feel lousy but our minds need not be. Keep a positive mindset and keep out all the negative feelings. This flu too will pass like all many flu’s we had in the past. So you will see me relaxing, relaxing, relaxing to let my mind and body rest.

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2 Responses to Getting the flu

  1. Ak mc says:

    May the medicine help heal. Speedy recovery, Mr Lim.

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