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Choosing top-ranked schools may not be clever

In the book “David & Goliath”, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about a student by name of Caroline Sacks. She had been interested in Science all along and did very well in high school. When she chose the Ivy League Brown University … Continue reading

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How much is the retirement nest egg?

Back in 28 March 2014, I wrote a blog titled “Monthly amount to save before retirement”. This post is a follow-up on that post. In the Sunday Times (12 July 2015), the on-line poll indicated $1,380,000 was the ideal retirement … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about trust. In the latest news out of Greece on Greek debts, some European leaders questioned whether the government led by Alexis Tsipras can be trusted to keep its word in exchange for a €74 billion bailout. After … Continue reading

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Investing in Europe, Is this the right time?

I have avoided investing in European companies because of negative news coming from there since 5 years ago. Back in 2010, the five so-called PIIGS countries were facing financial troubles due to huge debt problems. The PIIGS refers to Portugal, … Continue reading

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Do we panic now?

Fact number 1: Australian dollar weakened to S$1.0116 to A$1.0000, the lowest level in the 52-week range, on Friday 3 July 2015. Fact number 2: Crude oil Brent (ICE) dropped again to touch US$60.32 per barrel. (52-week range was US$106.72 … Continue reading

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Life’s ups and downs – Do not try to straighten things up

This post is motivated by one book I had read recently. Life has its ups and downs. That is the way it is. We cannot be at peak performance and we cannot be happy all the time. There were times … Continue reading

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It’s half year, are you bruised?

We have just passed the half way mark for 2015. Are you bruised by your financial assets performance? Well, I suffered some bruising, but nothing serious yet.   Performances of some were:   1. Singapore equity portfolio was down 7.8% … Continue reading

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