“Show Me the Money Book 2, The science of stock-picking” by Teh Hooi Ling – A Book Review

This is Teh Hooi Ling’s second book on “Show Me the Money” released this year. The common thread of all chapters is “the science of stock-picking”. Therefore readers must be prepared to get into some heavy analysis of numbers to make investment decisions. Valuation ratios, stock indices, various price indices, and trend analysis were used to illustrate some time-tested decision tools used by finance professionals.

I find the articles a bit heavy going. If you persevere and read on, you can find nuggets of many good investment advices from the author. Investing is about using your head rather than gut feel. Control of emotion in investing is necessary. Otherwise, our emotion can be a roller-coaster in tandem with the ups and downs of share prices.Show me the money book 2 Page 1

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