Portfolio value declined further (Part 2)

My investment portfolio continued its downward trend from last week. It is so frightening.

My Singapore equity portfolio continued to lose value. The percentage decline in value over cost of acquisition for each month-end is shown below. Between 21 August and 26 August, the Straits Times Index (STI) lost 3.29%. This is slower decline compared with 7.21% of previous data. From the start of the year 2015, the STI declined 14.6%! (STI at the start was 3,365.15 points.) My equity portfolio declined 16.8%. This was how bad the current stock market had been.

Month-end Change in value (%) STI Change (%)
Jan 2015 – 3.9 3391.20 NA
Feb 2015 – 5.2 3402.86 +0.34
Mar 2015 – 3.9 3447.01 +1.29
Apr 2015 – 3.1 3487.39 +1.17
May 2015 – 5.5 3392.11 – 2.73
Jun 2015 – 7.8 3317.33 – 2.20
Jul 2015 – 11.0 3202.50 – 3.46
21 Aug 2015 – 15.5 2971.01 – 7.21
26 Aug 2015 – 16.8 2873.00 – 3.29

My other investments with poor performance include:

Investments Change in value (%)
Australian Fixed Deposit – 18.4
Templeton Global Total Return Fund A(Mdis) SGD-H1 – 17.5
First State Regional China Fund – 19.6

On a total portfolio basis, the investments were down 5.3%. Last week, the portfolio was down 4.1%.

I was not spared from the current volatility of global financial markets and jittery actions by investors. The question is should I sell off, hold onto the portfolio or buy some more since prices had dropped so much? That is the dilemma.

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1 Response to Portfolio value declined further (Part 2)

  1. juny1 says:

    Probably you should as yourself why did you buy in the first place. If the reason for buying is not there anymore then maybe you can think about selling

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