GE 2015 – Reflections before the poll results

If you were a blogger, there can be so much material to write about in this General Election (GE). I restrained from publishing anything on the GE before the end of polling. Casting your vote is a personal choice and I do not want to be seen championing any political candidate in public space. As I read my Facebook newsfeed, I have friends rooting for PAP and friends going for the opposition candidates. I have a friend in the PAP and one friend in the opposition. I had known them enough to form an impression of them. Where do I stand? Election is about making a choice.

At the early stage of the hustings, I shared a YouTube video of a political candidate on my Facebook (FB) page. The next moment, I got a personal message from a friend seemingly not thrilled that I did that. Because of this, I realise who this friend’s affection belongs to. I then stopped posting on FB. I do not want to raise the election temperature anymore than what it already was. Election period can be very emotional.

Ultimately, it comes back to me. I read the news from the main-stream media. I read the postings by friends in FB (with all the hyperlinks). I read socio-political sites. I attended both rallies of the PAP and the opposition to give each party a fair chance to convince me. I read the materials provided by the parties and the credentials of all candidates. I was never that busy in such a short period of time.

What affect me?

National issues are important to me. Municipal issues are not a concern at this present moment. Policies impacting me personally get me disheartened and stay long in memories.

In my earlier post titled “Problems facing Singapore – Personal View”, I wrote about costs of living as a major concern. This impacts me directly.

I need politicians to understand this and take concrete steps to address it.

I need a politician to connect with its electorates. In the four years of the previous term, I had not spoken to my MP or even invited to community functions.

I do not need a politician who talks down to people or sneers at other political opponents. It was such a turn-off when I listened to some politicians during rallies doing just that. I would like to hear civil debates with contests of good ideas.

I do not need a politician to write off ideas from the opposite camps immediately, just because it comes from them. Give it careful consideration as if it came from a fellow Singaporean.

I do not like politicians to paint a broad-brush characterisation of candidates of a party just because someone in the party had a past incident. They are different individuals with different personalities.

I do not like politicians who harp on past deeds of an individual. I believe in giving a second chance and believe a person can change. Hatred cannot be eradicated by hatred. Hatred can only be eradicated by loving kindness.

After the election results are announced later tonight, my wish is that citizens can come together and not to be polarised. I hope to see a better tomorrow with policies gear towards Singapore citizens and leaving no particular groups behind.

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