One Earth and Generosity

We live on this earth. There is only one earth. We are part of this earth just like all other living things.

We rely on everything earthy to live healthy and balanced lives. Who gives the right to man to destroy nature in a blatant way? I am talking about burning of forests in Sumatra Island by selfish land owner and causing choking haze to fellow human beings, animals and other habitats. This is a recent example.

How I wish that people can be more generous and be kind on this earth. If we have a heart of generosity, we would not do things that cause harm. Man who is kind and generous would consider his action before embarking on it. Generosity brings smiles to others at the receiving end. Generosity would save this earth from destruction. Generosity would make this world more bearable. When we are generous, we reduce enmity among all living beings. We could reduce envy and jealousy, the two emotions that pop up every now and then. With generosity, we could give appreciative joy to others who had done well. By generosity, we share what we have. Generosity begets generosity. This would make a better earth to live in.

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