Why are we so attached?

Last night I attended a dinner talk at Conrad Centennial Singapore. This was a monthly talk organised by two accounting bodies. A group of us likes to sit at a particular table. Over a number of years, we had laid claims to this table even when it is free-sitting arrangement. Imagine my shock, when I arrived at this table last night. I was early but not as early as another participant. She said that the whole table had been taken or “choped”.

Our group was displaced for the night. I chose another table knowing full well that I was displacing someone else around this new table. So the group did a game of musical chairs. It was funny. Though we were still together we felt attached to that usual table that we liked!

Isn’t this what we are like? We are attached to things material (e.g. the favourite table) and to pleasant feelings. We reject unpleasantness that arises in our mind. Is it really important to sit at that table? Why are we upset? I smiled a lot last night to help to reduce the tension of our group members. People were entitled to sit where they wished (even there is no rule that allows them to “chope” a whole table). I was not about to claim back the table next month by coming in super early (which someone had suggested to me). That attachment is not necessary and not healthy as well.

This brings me back to attachment mentality that often inflict pains in us. If we can let go of attachment, there is no issue at all. Last night’s incident would not arise! It could simply be, “oh, the seats taken, I move on”, period.

I can give more examples of attachment. So can you.

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