“A Week in Winter” by Maeve Binchy – A Book Review

This is the last full-length fiction by Maeve Binchy released in 2012. I do not read her many other books until recently. I took to liking her easy-style of writing straightaway.

“A Week in Winter” was set in a very old house and recently renovated and transformed into an accommodation for travellers. Stone House as it was called was situated on the cliffs of the west coast of Ireland facing the Atlantic Ocean. The stories are about the lives of 10 major characters with a chapter for each. These characters are either the accommodation owner, those working for her, and her first guests in the first week of opening.

It is interesting that when we travel for a holiday, we thought that every tourist is happy. Deep inside, each traveller has his/her own life issues, a past and emotional baggage. Some may travel to get away from the problems on hand. Maeve Binchy brought these out as she wrote about them.

Even as Maeve Binchy focused on a character at a time, she cleverly made the other characters a player in the present time. After all, these guests interacted with each other in this holiday.

Some of lives’ complications were soothed and the guests got emotional therapy by staying one week in the Winter at this wonderful place in Ireland. Only if it can be so easy, I would get there for comfort too!A week in winter by Maeve Binchy

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