I attended the Craft Talk 2015 organised by Popin yesterday. An artist talked about her solitude when she was doing her elaborate art pieces. That solitude helps her to be meditative while she concentrates on her work. She also said that Facebook was a distraction and she could live without reading newspapers. (She did know about the recent Thai bombing except from hearing from her friend.)

I concur with her that FB is a distraction and I am guilty of checking FB often. I must have my fix of news from the Straits Times every morning. I cannot live through the day without plugging into news, whether from main stream media or social media.

At the start of this year, I made a resolution to reduce my time on FB. So, I did not wish everyone on FB Happy Birthday. (I hope you would understand.) But I failed in constant posting of news/photos on FB. I checked on friends as well. But not all postings were of interest to me. In some sense, I failed in my New Year resolution. Let me start again to limit my time on FB. I do not believe in total shut-off or to close my account. FB has a useful function. I just do not want to be a FB addict.

Not being on top of news can be a good thing. We need some times to be alone. Solitude as the artist mentioned is important. With it, we can look deeper into our whole being. We can contemplate and reflect on some of life issues. We can concentrate better with a longer stretch of time, time not taken away by distractions.

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