Good to be random

I wake up each morning and the first thought is almost always: what is the plan for the day; I have this place to go; I have this activity to do, da da da da.

For so many years since starting work, I lived with calendar planners, from Filofax to digital diary. I worked with projects with specific timelines. Time is money, that is the mantra (because I billed clients by minutes and hours).

I was used to over-planning with contingency plans built in. Because of this, I would get disturbed if things or events were not according to plan. To achieve the plan, I had to be super-organised. No time to lose looking for things or information. This sounds pathetic for a life ruled by plans and organisation.

Given a chance, it is healthy to be random once in a while. I am too much a science person. Creativity is not in my blood. I use more of my left brain. I am too structured and bounded by norms. Popin Collective has this on-going “Craft the City” project. My miniature buildings I made were models of some feasible building structures. I do little embellishments or out-of-this-world buildings that I see in other creative submissions.

So I want to live my life more randomly. By being random, I can live moment-by-moment, staying present all the time with time on hand, rather than dwelling in the past or looking into the future. I can then adapt as event unfolds. No worries as I react in the NOW. That is less stressful. Without a thorough plan, such as a holiday plan, one can be less upset if things do not happen. Just move on, enjoy this moment.

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