Parenting requires plenty of love and care

Though my daughter is in her mid 20s, as parents we continue to look out for her that she is kept safe. Two weeks back, she had a serious case of food poisoning. We were totally helpless except to seek the help of our family GP.

Regardless of her age, my daughter would still be our child whom we raise. We will do our part to give warmth, love and care and to set her on the moral path together with independence. It took a lot of our time and energy not to mention emotional rides. At every stage of growing up, we quietly worry for her: PSLE, GCE “O” and “A”. Just like her falling sick, we cannot take the examinations for her, we cannot recover for her. She had to face them herself.

In 1994, about 12% of ever-married female (aged between 40 and 49) had only one child. 84% had 2 children or more. In 2004, the percentage was 16.6% having one child. My wife belongs to this group of 16.6%. We are the minority. Some would understand why we took that choice. We were busy with our career and less time for family building and parenting.

Are we too hands-on in parenting? One day will come when that close bond between child and parents would be loosened. Can we say that we have done enough? It does not matter, about these questions, is it? We just move along and let things be. We do our best under the circumstances and release the attachment to each other in the longer term.

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