“After the Funeral” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This murder mystery was first written in 1953 by Agatha Christie under the title “Funerals are Fatal”. This book was released before my time and I became interested in her books only last month.

Agatha Christie was an amazing author and the mysteries of deaths in her three books I read so far had gripped me. (“At Bertram’s Hotel”, “A Caribbean Mystery”, “After the Funeral”)

When you suspect who was the murderer, the mystery deepened. I tend to figure out the motive for the murder thinking that it is the way to solve the crime, but various characters fitted this same motive. So it is back to square one. In “After the Funeral”, Agatha Christie was ingenious in solving the mystery. There were things spoken, things seen, things out of place as the investigation unfolded. The investigator was the famous private detective by the name of Hercule Poirot. (Agatha Christie used this fictional Hercule Poirot in many of her mysteries written. She had created a series with him as the crime solver.)

The story is written in conversational style. One has to be alert and keep up with subtle happenings throughout the story. These subtle happenings became the means to unveil and pinpoint the killer without any doubt. That was the beauty of Agatha Christie’s mysteries.After the Funeral

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  1. Does anybody feel like Agatha Christie’s books are all a little too similar? Like they follow a template or something?

    – Paul at The Galaxial Word

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