“At Bertram’s Hotel” and “A Caribbean Mystery” by Agatha Christie – Book Reviews

“At Bertram’s Hotel”

Agatha Christie brought everything British into the pages of this crime story. She was great with telling whodunit and the mastermind was not revealed till the last chapter. And even in the last chapter, there were still twists and I was taken by surprise by how the motive for the crime changed. All motives were plausible and which one was the real one? It showed the skillful story teller in Agatha Christie. This book is a great and easy read. I liked the British conversations of the 1960’s era.

(This original copy of “At Bertram’s Hotel” (photo insert) started our interests in reading Agatha Christie’s crime mysteries. Her books are available from the National Library.)

At Bertram's Hotel

“A Caribbean Mystery”

Murder mystery at Golden Palm Hotel on St Honore. Elderly Miss Marple, while holidaying there, turned “detective” to solve this murder mystery. It was so difficult to pinpoint the real murderer and the motive as I read the pages. Each character from hotel guests to hotel employees and owners revealed a bit of information through their conversations with each other. It can be so confusing. Miss Marple used her wit to tease out information by talking to several people in the hotel. It was in the last two chapters that the murderer was revealed with the reason for the actions. It was a well-thought through murder plot and Agatha Christie was at her best again in creating this murder story.

(Miss Marple was featured in several stories by Agatha Christie known as the Miss Marple Mysteries.)

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