“Minding Frankie” by Maeve Binchy – A Book Review

424 pages
First published in 2010

Frankie (Frances) would not know her mother Stella Dixon after delivery via C-Section. Stella would not be alive after that and baby Frankie had to be looked after by someone. The title “Minding Frankie” came about to tell stories of multiple lives of many people drawn in to care and love her.

The web of links starts with “Who is the father of the child?” Having established that, the next question is whether Noel Lynch is fit to raise Frankie. On this count, the not-able-to-smile and difficult social worker Moira Tierney was determined to find a better home for Frankie instead of Noel who had a problem. (I am not telling much as this would take the thrills of finding out yourself.)

Maeve Binchy kept me breathless trying to catch up with her story telling. There is no convenient break when I was on a chapter. I had to finish it! Peoples’ lives can be so complicated. A small community of friends, neighbours and relations were roped in to look after Frankie. Some of these people had hidden stories of their own. (Who won’t?)

Some of us led sheltered lives and knew little of harsh realities of dark sides of some human lives. Not that they wanted it. It just happened under the circumstances. Can we blame them or should we trust them to be good? Would their lives be transformed? This is the common thread that strings each life in the story together and Frankie was the centre of attention.

I am thankful that my life was ordinary and some may say predictable. It can be boring for someone who wanted excitement. A simple life can be a happy one!

A beautiful story and it was satisfying to read right up to the last page of the book. A heart-warming story and watch out for the twist in the story.Minding Frankie

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