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Language Education in the 1960’s – Memories of Singapore

Today’s kids are lucky. The Ministry of Education is constantly improving the school curriculum and teaching pedagogy. Teachers are better trained in the latest teaching methods to engage the students. Technology is brought in as teaching aid for our smart-phone … Continue reading

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The Tides of 2050 – A Play by Ageless Theatre

Year 2050 is future and I will be over 90 years old. Will I be around? Maybe or may not. That future in this play “The Tides of 2050” is where robots and human co-exist. Robots are in our homes … Continue reading

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Name and Reputation are just concepts

We were given names on birth. Our parents wanted to name us so and so and it is also required by law to state the child’s name on the birth certificate. We grew up with a particular name and we … Continue reading

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Singapore Savings Bonds (6) – Third Tranche

Subscription rate fell to just 3.4%. The result of the third tranche of the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) was announced via an advertisement in the Straits Times today. Out of $1,200,000,000 available on offer, only $40,987,500 was allotted. This subscription … Continue reading

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Changes to Price-Earning ratios (from start of year to now)

Let’s see the Price-Earning ratios (PE ratio) of some select companies. I tracked the PE ratios as at 31 December 2014. I added the current PE ratios obtained from SGX StockFacts. I then compute the changes in the PE ratios … Continue reading

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Investing in 2015 – Uncertainties (Part 2)

At the start of 2015 (20 January 2015), I wrote about uncertainties investors would be facing in the year. Investing is going to be difficult. Risk is higher. With about one more month to the end of 2015, investing was … Continue reading

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Chasing Grades and Titles

I belong to the old school having been through an education system where student names and their respective GCE “O” Level results were published in the Straits Times for all to see (Year 1973). Having fantastic grades in national examinations … Continue reading

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