Inner Peace

I spent five days without my smartphone at a place without access to Internet and news. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Bloomberg, no e-mail, zilch. I spent the days in a meditation centre in Nantou county of Taiwan.

It was mindfulness meditation from 4.30 am to 9.30 pm each day. I slept about 6 hours each day, lights-off at 9.30 pm and woke up at 4.00 am. (Sleep was actually the easier part of the practice.) I had to maintain silence throughout without talking to anyone. If one is not used to being alone, this can be difficult. How can you not talk, you may ask?

We are exposed to mental stimulations every second in this fast-paced world. Our emotions are ups and downs, one moment happy another moment annoyed depending on the conditions and situations we are in.

This period of meditation was to be mindful of our inner thoughts and feelings, noting the arising and disappearing of these. This is the hardest part.

The peace of this place, which is sited on agricultural farmland and mountains, was conducive for the practice. Despite a peaceful environment, continuous inner peace could be elusive. Because, I had been through it and I know!IMG_2420

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