Does it really matter?

The recent five days of silent retreat (without access to news) gave me a new perspective to life. In the past, I was consumed with keeping up to date with news. I must have the Straits Times daily and need to catch up with past news while I was away. I need to know how the financial markets were doing. The ups and downs affected my sentiments. Is this really what I want, being affected by news?

Now, I choose to let matters be. So what if I miss some news of the past? I am not about to be ruled by events that are beyond my control. Does it really matter if stock Indices moved against my wish?

I was reminded during my recent trip to live in the present and not to dwell in the past or worry about the future.

I like the sayings by Dharma Drum Mountain that is most apt for me:
“Maturity cares not about the past; wisdom does not doubt the present; an open-mind does not worry about the future.”

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1 Response to Does it really matter?

  1. When our survival is less dependent on the market condition; its volatility will become unimportant or critical and there goes with the latest news flow too. Life will go on!

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