Name and Reputation are just concepts

We were given names on birth. Our parents wanted to name us so and so and it is also required by law to state the child’s name on the birth certificate. We grew up with a particular name and we deal with authorities and live our lives using this name.

The name does not make a person. It is the person that matters. It does not matter who you are. More important is whether the person has a good heart of compassion.

The same can be said about fame and reputation. Most of us chase for fames and reputations. We are known by our titles and positions in the organisation charts. We have many qualifications and are members of several professional bodies. Once when we retire, all these became irrelevant. They are history. They are just concepts or symbols to say who we were before.

We are definitely more than names and reputations. What we do now is not dependent on these. Doing good is important regardless who you are by names. It should be out of innate quality to do good and not because we can add another feather to our caps, or another reputation to add on.

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