Viewing thing as it really is

We are coloured by our perceptions and past experiences. Can we not pass judgement each time we encounter an event or a person and almost everything we come into contact with every moment of our lives?

We can be suspicious with someone who is kind to us. There must be a motive with this guy! I came across friends or even adversaries who walked past by without a hint of noticing me. He/She must be trying to avoid me! We can easily spin a story in our head based on our perceptions and past experiences. These are to do with human interactions.

My mind races ahead of the actual event and many thoughts pass through. This hit home recently as I was folding clothes after taking in the laundry. My bodily action was just folding clothes, but my mind was not with that activity. Instead, it was somewhere else. I was taught to be with the moment but it was not happening. The thought of writing this particular blog came about. (This might be a good thing, since this blog became a reality. But it is not the best approach. There are times for thinking, planning, then do it mindfully, like now when I am composing on the word processor.)

Can we keep our mind with the moment? Seeing as in just seeing. Hearing as in just hearing and ditto for all six senses. Must there be judgement or thoughts unrelated to the task on hand?

Our encounter with the guy, who is kind to us, is just that. He was kind to me, period. No need for a story in our heads. An acquaintance who “ignored” me as we passed each other, is just that. He was engrossed and not noticing me at that moment. Do not read too much into it.

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