Performance of FTSE ST Indexes from start of 2015

It is interesting to drill down and see how each sector of the listed companies was performing over the year. I use the FTSE ST Indexes and compare them from 31 December 2014 to 11 December 2015.

FTSE ST Indexes 31-Dec-14 11-Dec-15 Change
STI 3365.15 2834.63 -15.8%
Mid Cap 748.62 662.39 -11.5%
Small Cap 492.31 397.94 -19.2%
Fledgling 806.99 819.91 1.6%
Catalist 735.89 495.46 -32.7%

ST Catalist stocks were down 32.7% followed by Small Cap stocks (-19.2%). STI were down 15.8% and Mid Cap stocks were down 11.5%. ST Fledgling stocks are too small for FTSE ST All-Share Index.

Looks like both Catalist stocks and Small Cap stocks did badly.

The performances of various industry sectors are listed below (ranked from worst performers to the best performers).

FTSE ST Indexes 31-Dec-14 11-Dec-15 Change
Oil & Gas 577.51 374.75 -35.1%
Technology 411.30 321.37 -21.9%
Industrials 807.27 651.17 -19.3%
Basic materials 125.46 104.68 -16.6%
Financials 884.94 752.58 -15.0%
Consumer goods 490.40 421.63 -14.0%
Reits 779.50 685.56 -12.1%
Utilities 473.86 419.45 -11.5%
Real estates 755.98 680.88 -9.9%
China Top 186.62 169.19 -9.3%
Consumer serv 838.09 760.81 -9.2%
China 221.82 204.16 -8.0%
Maritime 239.55 220.80 -7.8%
Real estate hldg & dev 746.11 688.44 -7.7%
Telco 1025.04 991.62 -3.3%
Health care 1156.42 1476.23 27.7%

It is not surprising that Oil & Gas companies did the worst, down 35.1% followed by Technology and Industrials. Financials was down 15.0%.

The best sector for the year was Health Care, up 27.7%. It is the only sector with positive performance.

Notes from FTSE web pages:
1. STI comprises 30 component stocks. FTSE ST Mid Cap represents about 18% of SG market capitalisation. FTSE ST Small Cap represents about 12% of SG market capitalisation.
2. The FTSE ST Fledgling Index comprises the constituents listed on the ST Universe that are too small for the FTSE ST All-Share Index.
3. The FTSE ST Catalist Index aims to raise the profile of growth companies listed on Singapore’s SGX Catalist market and offers investors a tracking tool on the performance of Catalist sponsored companies.
4. The FTSE ST China Top Index is a subset of the FTSE ST China Index and aims to capture the performance of the 20 largest Chinese-listed companies on the SGX Main Board by full market capitalisation.

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