Being Alone

I went to a bakery two days ago. The counter staff asked, “Only one bun?” Then it struck me. I was alone.

I am so used to buying more bread for the family. But that day, it was just for me. My wife and daughter were away in Taiwan with their group of friends and I did not travel with them.

Being alone brought a new kind of experience. I realised that I had to be extra careful with my home keys. There is no back-up key if I were to lose the keys. I just do not want to be locked out of my home and find alternative arrangement (besides asking a locksmith for help).

For those singles who live alone at home, I understand one of their fears. One fear is falling down and knocking unconscious. So anything to do with heights like climbing a ladder to clean the ceiling fan can wait.

Being alone also means finding things to occupy me. In time to come we could be alone when we grow old. Are we prepared for this? Can we be alone?

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