We are inter-connected

This is Day 2 of 2016. I realised that we are inter-connected on this earth. We breathe the same air and we co-exist dependently. Whether we know each other before, it does not matter. We cannot be strangers forever. Our paths will meet in unexpected ways or in time, if not now maybe in the future. We meet people and a stranger becomes an acquaintance.

A group met this morning to help with spring-cleaning the residence of our teacher. We had a common purpose and strangers became connected. I went to buy packet foods for them from this vegetarian food stall in a hawker centre. My family had been eating from this stall. I was so touched when the stall assistant offered to help bring the packet foods to my car. She thought it was too much for me to manage on my own. People are generally helpful lot. We just need to open our hearts and take notice of many kind acts of kindness.

One kind action from one stranger sparks a chain reaction. I felt happier with a smile in my heart. Everything I did from then on was all positive with kindness. Everything seemed beautiful and contentment was easily felt. It did not matter that this morning was raining heavily. I passed on the positive vibes to family, friends and strangers I came in contact with.

As we start the New Year, hold this thought that we are inter-connected on this earth. What we do has an impact all around us – all living beings and Mother Earth.

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