Anxieties and Restlessness

Most of us have anxieties. I am big on anxieties even though I have stopped work. My mind is always restless, thinking too much about the future, planning this and that. I am just fortunate that this has not developed into an obsession. But it is something I want to address in this New Year 2016.

I am not staying in the present and not fully immersed in the things I am currently doing. Even when I was talking to someone, my mind wandered and not truly present with the one in front of me. I might appear that I was listening. But in reality, I may not be with you! This has been a challenge since so long ago.

This mind of mine is too active. I worry too much about the future. Why can’t I let things be? What if things did not go the way I wanted? Is this really disaster? If so, I just have to react when the time comes. Staying present.

I am looking at ways to reduce anxieties and restlessness.

  1. Think less.
  2. Imagine less.
  3. Be more mindful and take note that anxieties and restlessness occur. Then let them go. This requires proper trainings and practice.
  4. Be more focused when talking with someone, especially with someone closest to you.

This is work-in-progress for a while now. Call it New Year Resolution. I will continue to work on it to reduce the level of anxieties and restlessness.

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