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Dividend Yield based on cost of investment

When share prices are declining, the market value of share portfolio will decline as a result. Since shares were bought at higher costs before, I would like to know how the actual dividend yield is like for each counter against … Continue reading

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Return on Equity – Companies with 31 December 2015 Year End

Return on Equity (ROE) is an important indicator for investors. It tells investors how much the company is earning (profits) for the shareholders. It is net profits attributable to shareholders divided by shareholders’ funds calculated as a percentage term. The … Continue reading

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Latest quarterly results (Concluding Part)

This is the concluding part of blog posts on the same subject matter. The table shows financial result of 14 companies with full year results ending 31 December 2015. Stock Net Profit ($m) Change (%) TY Dividend ($) LY Dividend … Continue reading

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National Gallery Singapore

We have a gem of a gallery in Singapore and it is free for Singaporeans and permanent residents (Other visitors pay $20). I spent Wednesday afternoon at the National Gallery Singapore this week. It was impressive seeing the former City … Continue reading

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Singapore Inflation and GDP Growth Rates were linked (Updated)

When inflation is low, there is likely chance that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate is also low. Countries fear runaway inflation as well as deflation. With deflation (or very low inflation), consumers and producers may not want to spend … Continue reading

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How to get what we want in Life?

We want to get a lot of things in life. Once we get them, we will be happy. Is this the case? We move from one thing to the next to satisfy our never ending desires. Happiness is not ever-lasting. … Continue reading

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“The Hundred-year-old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson – A Book Review

Number of pages: 387 Written by a Swedish and translated into English by Rod Bradbury First off, the novel is funny from the word go. It is comedy type of funny. If you wanted a light-hearted reading, this book serves … Continue reading

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Comparison of DBS, OCBC and UOB – FY 2015

All three local banks had released their full year financial results for 2015. Banks Q4 Profit ($m) Change (%) Year Profit ($m) Change (%) DBS 1,002 20.0 4,454 10.0 OCBC 960 21.0 3,903 2.0 UOB 788 0.3 3,209 -1.2 DBS … Continue reading

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Singaporean Identity – My take on this subject matter

I am able to walk the streets without fear for my life. I get onto buses and MRT trains with people of different races and religious leanings and feel at ease. I can have a job that pays adequately for … Continue reading

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Wealth impact of stock market movements

Is it I or are people feeling stingy? The gloom that accompanies with each sell-down in the stock markets was keenly felt. Almost everyday, we hear bad economic news that feed back to the stock market performance. When oil prices … Continue reading

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