New Year, New Spring

Chinese New Year is just two days away. 春 the start of Spring is for hope and new beginning. In China and in countries where Chinese people celebrated this festival, it is a joyous occasion. Family members and relatives meet up to renew ties and to feast. Some may find this troublesome and tiring. But it is a good excuse to catch up with relatives we may not have met at all in a year.

Spring-cleaning of our home remains a tradition. The dusting and clearing of unwanted stuff started few weeks before so that we could finish in time for the actual day.

We had the new currency notes and Ang Pow packets ready. Together with Mandarin oranges, these we cannot do away with.

For this year, my family decided not to buy cookies, love letters and all kinds of tidbits/snacks. It was quite refreshing not to be drawn to shops and stalls selling them. We need not watch our calories!

We have kept this Chinese New Year simple. What is important to us is to build on the relationships with family members, relatives and friends.

Wishing all Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity in the Year of Monkey (猴 年)!




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