Chinese New Year – 2016

In the Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year of the Monkey. Monkey has several characteristics. The main ones include agility and changeability. It can survive in the wild. It is often restless and can be aggressive when provoked.

Human beings are no different from the monkeys in exhibiting some of these behavioural traits. The good thing is we can reason and we can restrain some negative innate behaviours with accepted moral conduct. We can have faiths and cultivate inner peace.

We are now in February and looking at how 2016 started, this year is in for an uncertain period, the uncertainty of the global economies and the uncertainty of geo-politics. If we can accept that, we can perhaps adapt and survive better.

Have more compassion and be more kind. Hate less and be less angry. I am reminding myself to watch these emotions. I still got angry at minor incidents (as some recent incidents showed) and not too kind with strangers.

I wish all a Happy Chinese New Year and have peace in your hearts!

CNY 2016

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