Bad when SembCorp Marine is taken private comes true

Performance of SembCorp Marine for 2015 was poor. It resulted in net loss of $289.6 million for the whole year. Net Asset Value was $1.2024 on 31 December 2015.

I read in Bloomberg that there is speculation that Temasek Holdings may take SembCorp Marine private. If this comes true, it will be bad for me as a retail investor.

SembCorp Marine’s share prices were good in the past since the time I invested in the counter.

Counter 27/12/2013 31/12/2014 31/12/2015
SembCorp Marine $4.42 $3.26 $1.75

Because of this speculation talk of privatisation, its share price rose 7.53% today.

Counter 15/2/2016 16/2/2016 Change
SembCorp Marine 1.46 1.57 7.53%

My average cost of investment was $3.343. Based on the current market price, my investment was down 53%. Could you imagine when SembCorp Marine is taken private, my investment would lose about 50% all of a sudden? I was of the view that if the stock is held for a longer term, there is a possibility that the offshore and marine business may turn around in the future. Have I got the choice?

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