Latest quarterly results (Part 3)

Companies were starting to release their latest quarterly financial results. I looked at some blue-chip companies that are mainly from the STI component stocks. Some are mid-cap stocks. Most companies have 31 December as their year-end.

The table shows financial result of 6 companies.

Stock Net Profit ($m) Change (%) TY Dividend ($) LY Dividend ($) Remarks
OCBC 3,903.0 2.0 0.36 0.36 Full Year
UOB 3,209.0 -1.2 0.90 0.75 Full Year
StarHub 372.3 0.5 0.20 0.20 Full Year
Comfort Delgro 301.9 6.5 0.05 0.045 Full Year
SATS 60.6 12.8 0 0 Third Qtr
SembCorp Marine -289.6 nm 0.06 0.13 Full Year

Net Profit in 2015 for OCBC rose 2.0% to $3,903 million. UOB’s net profit declined 1.2% in comparison. Current year total dividend for UOB is 90 cents due in part to a special dividend of 20 cents in 2015. (Last Year was 75 cents). 

Net Profit for Comfort Delgro rose 6.5% in 2015. Net Profit for SATS rose 12.8% for the whole year. Both companies did well.

StarHub maintained a steady net profit for the whole year (+0.5%).

The following table shows the latest reported net asset values (NAV) of these companies. The Price to Book (P/B) ratios were computed based on share prices of 16 February 2016.

Stock NAV ($) Share Price ($) P/B
OCBC 8.03 7.77 0.97
UOB 17.84 17.81 1.00
StarHub 0.108 3.8 35.19
Comfort Delgro 1.086 3.01 2.77
SATS 1.318 3.83 2.91
SembCorp Marine 1.2024 1.57 1.31

All Price to Book (P/B) ratios are more than 1.00 except OCBC at 0.97 times of Net Asset Value.

Disclaimer: The author disclaimed liabilities on use of this post by readers for investment decisions. Use them with caution.

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