“The Hundred-year-old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared” by Jonas Jonasson – A Book Review

Number of pages: 387
Written by a Swedish and translated into English by Rod Bradbury

First off, the novel is funny from the word go. It is comedy type of funny. If you wanted a light-hearted reading, this book serves the purpose.

Life can be dull if you live up to 100 years old. Why not add some spice to it to pass the day. That was what Allan Karlsson, the centenarian, did on his 100th birthday by escaping the old people’s home.

Because the story lines were not ordinary, you just wanted to know how it all ended by completing the book! It is unbelievable for me. I was taken in by the imagination of the author. The impossibility became a possibility in the story.

The story has two tracks, one is the growing up years from 1905 and the other is the current time in 2005. The disappearing act was in 2005. The growing up years took up more pages than the current time. The author wrote the stories alternating between the two tracks. So, if you cannot wait to know what happen in the current time, you can skip the growing up years portion of the novel or vice versa. It is like having two novels in one single book.

The Hundred-year-old man

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