How to get what we want in Life?

We want to get a lot of things in life. Once we get them, we will be happy. Is this the case? We move from one thing to the next to satisfy our never ending desires. Happiness is not ever-lasting.

The question is: How to get what we want in life? Let’s look at the question from another angle instead of answering it in a direct way.

This question presupposes that you want something that is in the future. “Don’t look into the future. If you want something more, you cannot enjoy what you already have”.

So we tackle the question at it source by asking what we really really want in life? These are things that will give us true happiness and peace of mind.

Generosity and happiness are inter-connected. To be able to share, to give, to help and to serve results in happiness. Kindness is a good investment. Generosity begets returns. Also giving is an expression of love.

For couples, have fun and love together. It is not about you, it is not about me, it is about us! If we have a problem, find solutions to the problem from different perspectives.

Harmony between people, races and religions is a source of happiness. We can do our part to achieve harmony.

People want love and respect. We can cultivate the ability to love and care another person despite their pasts and stations in lives.

We can work on the ability to find peace and moment of peace in life.  Occasionally, staying still (without the guilt) and be contented can achieve that peace. When we are at peace, understanding the truths in life can come to us. Look inside you for the truths; open your heart to the truths.

Remember that each one of us is a Lotus. We are beautiful inside just like the Lotus. Happiness and understanding the truths in life is inside us. Can you see yourself deep inside? Don’t close your heart.

This post is based on my understanding and recollection of the public talk by Ajahn Brahm on 22 February 2016. There are direct quotes from Ajahn Brahm that are credited to Ajahn.

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