Bright Vision Hospital Flag Day 2016 – “Every Drop Counts”

This morning was an early start for me and my wife. We reached Holy Innocents’ High School before 8 am and took charge of thirty students. We set off and were at Serangoon MRT and Serangoon Central, the locations for collection of donations, by 9.30 am.

For three hours, I stood at the flight of steps near Giant Supermarket. People passing by were generous in donating for a good cause. At the start, I told myself to enjoy the process and was not expecting many to donate. I was proved wrong. They donated with a heart. I did not leave my spot, not even to go to the toilet. Because I was in the open, I did not realise that my face was sun-burned. My watch strap left a two tone skin colour around my wrist. I was certainly not prepared with sun-block.

I found out that if you were to maintain eye-contact with passers-by and smile, they were more likely to donate. Even by saying, “Please donate for …”, they would look at my direction and that was how I got their attentions.

No donation is too small. Most would drop in whatever coins they might have into my tin.

Even as I rest at home now, I am still tired out physically and mentally as we had to be responsible for thirty students from start to finish. I am now having leg cramps for standing too long and lack of salt in my body due to perspiration.

At the end, we were happy the event went smoothly. The satisfaction of doing charity work is hard to describe until you try it.

BVH Flag Day 2016

BVH Flag Day 2016

My donation tin

My donation tin

My spot at the bottom of the steps where I stood.

My spot at the bottom of the steps where I stood.

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