Remaining calm

I was somewhat overwhelmed this week. I had not have this kind of feeling for some times until recently. I was perturbed by matters that I had no control over. There are external parties involved that I cannot impose my wishes at will. The question is always, “why can’t they do it the way I want it to happen?” There is this expectation and the negative feelings are bottled inside me. Sound familiar?

How do I cope? I took a step back from the issue on hand. Look at it from the whole experience with that person. This person had done more good than the unsatisfactory behaviour currently being manifested. Show gratitude in your heart that the person on the whole had done more good. Do not be blinded by the one incident on hand.

Take the example of your parent. At times, she may annoy you with her behavior. But we must not forget that she brought us up from a defenseless baby and taught us to walk and keep us safe in our growing up years. That is good enough reason to show gratitude towards your parent.

We can apply this approach to almost anybody (and even the state government) and look at the goodness the person had done before. With gratitude, we would not get into a rage or to habour ill-feelings towards the person. You can become calmer through a disturbing week that I had been through.

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