Visit to Hua Lien County, 花蓮縣, Taiwan

Hua Lien County花蓮縣sits on the Eastern part of Taiwan mid-way between North and South of Taiwan. It has the picturesque Central mountain ranges to the left and the Pacific Ocean to the right.

We started the journey by staying a day at Cingjing Farm 清境農場 at Nantou County 南投縣. Altitude is 1,750 m with a cool climate.


From Cingjing, we took a mini-bus and travelled eastward across the Central mountain ranges to an altitude of 3,270 m above sea level. There are several mountain peaks. The famous mountain is the Hehuan mountain 合歡山 where we moved to above the clouds and on the descent we got into thick foggy mountain roads before reaching Taroko Gorge 大魯閣. This journey took us to Hua Lien City 花蓮市 where we stayed for three days. The mountain road journey was breath taking and most scenic of our travel. For some travellers, it could also cause nausea.


At 花蓮縣, one can enjoy a less hectic pace of lifestyle as compared to Taipei City. There is no High Speed Rail (HSR) and it is only served by Taiwan Rail or roads. The county preserves the old buildings without the high-rise buildings. It is a place for the locals to get away from busy cities for a respite.

We took a one-day tour of Taroko national park that took us to various scenic spots:

  • 清水斷崖
  • 大魯閣
  • 七星潭


Hua Lien City is also a foodie place. The city has created a map specially that tells travellers where to find delicacies. It is not too difficult to navigate by foot.

We enjoyed the place and the warmth of its people. It is worth another visit in the future.


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