NTUC Income – Returns on Life Insurance Participating Fund 2015

NTUC Income released its performance of its Life Participating Fund for 2015 just a few days ago. The performance impacts the bonus declared for policy holders.

Investment Returns (in %)

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
NTUC Income 1.79 5.45 1.63 8.56 – 0.88 5.90

Last year (2015) was a challenging year for NTUC Income. The Fund returned 1.79%. This was a sharp downturn when compared with 2014 at 5.45%. For a professional outfit such as NTUC Income with full-time professionals managing the Fund, one can imagine how the small time investors were able to cope with a poor investment climate last year.

I shall be looking at other insurance companies when they release their results.

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