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Are you prepared to retire?

Most financial planners focus on the financial aspects of retirement. Have we got enough to retire? Where is the retirement income coming from? This is important. But what is equally important is how are we to spend the days afterwards. … Continue reading

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TOUCH Home Care – Meals-on-Wheels

For some elderly people, who are home-bound, less capable of supporting themselves because of medical conditions, and receiving no family support during the day, getting a meal can prove to be difficult. TOUCH Home Care of TOUCH Community Services has … Continue reading

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Interest rate on Australian Dollar fixed deposit declined

We heard of negative interest rates in some countries. This means that banks have to pay their central bank interest amount when placing money with the central bank. This affects the interest payments to fixed deposit holders of these banks. … Continue reading

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“Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell – A Book Review

Published in 2004 Number of pages: 529 You pay for one book and you get six stand-alone stories in different time period and different places. The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing Letters from Zedelghem Half Lives – The First Luisa … Continue reading

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Prudential Assurance – Returns on Life Insurance Participating Fund 2015

I thought investment return of NTUC Income was weak (at 1.79%), Prudential Assurance’s performance for 2015 was even lower. The investment return for its Singapore dollar product was just 0.2%. The return for its US dollar product was negative 3.9%. … Continue reading

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Dividend Yields on Portfolio against SPDR STI ETF

In the previous post, I did not factor in dividends received in the study. Each stock in my portfolio provided dividend and SPDR STI ETF gave dividend as well. I calculate the dividend yield of my portfolio by dividing actual … Continue reading

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Better off investing in STI ETF than selecting stocks for portfolio

Is active management in investing better than passive investing in stock index? I select stocks for my Singapore equity portfolio and took actions in buying and selling certain stocks at different times. At the same time, I bought into SPDR … Continue reading

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Results of Companies with 31 March 2016 and 31 December 2015 Year Ends

Companies were reporting their financial results for the financial year ended 31 March 2016. The following table provides information on net profit attributable to shareholders for the year and year-on-year change between 2016 against 2015. Dividend column shows dividend declared … Continue reading

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Land drives our cost of living

We live on this earth and we co-exist with this earth. Human beings are land dwellers and depend on land to survive. We cannot live in the air or water. We need all four: land, water, air and heat (the … Continue reading

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Fan of Peanuts

I adore Snoopy, the dog who likes to write and imagine itself as a human being. I like Charlie Brown who loves the little Red-Haired Girl but does not have the courage to face her and express his liking for … Continue reading

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