Mother’s Day 2016

This Sunday May 8, is designated Mother’s Day. From the day you were born, you have a mother. Your wife is a mother of your child. My sister is also a mother. I need not mention my sisters-in-law and the next generation after us. So for me there are many mothers to celebrate on Mother’s Day.

So long as there is human race, there will be mothers. Mothers love and nurture their offsprings. This is undeniable. Otherwise, how did we grow up?

How are we going to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend? It is not that we do not show our appreciations to mothers other times other than Mother’s Day. It is just that this weekend we would take the opportunity to be together and celebrate the day.

As in past tradition, we will gather at my mother’s place and each family is to contribute food items as in potluck. It would be food to show our appreciations. It is basic and appropriate since food is to sustain lives. The fact that we gather together is already good enough and the food will add to the day of celebration.

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