Are you prepared to retire?

Most financial planners focus on the financial aspects of retirement. Have we got enough to retire? Where is the retirement income coming from? This is important. But what is equally important is how are we to spend the days afterwards. There is no office to go do. There is no work deadline to meet. There is no client to entertain.

Before retirement, about 40% to 50% of our waking hours were spent on work. When you are retired, you have so much more time on your hands.

For one who has gone through this experience, let me say that you must have a plan or some ideas on how to spend your time. There is only that much overseas travelling you can do and there is a limit on travelling.

Broadly speaking, the following activities are how I spend my time.

I decided to read more (books and others). I started my blog in 2006 and subsequently compiled my first book based on these entries. This blog is still very active after 10 years.

I spent more time in managing investments actively and I share the knowledge in my blog so that others can benefit.

I started spiritual studies and developments. This aspect of my life was neglected when I was climbing the corporate ladder.

Together with my wife, we spent time assisting our daughter in her start-up business. I became the bookkeeper, the chauffer, the peon, and others.

We choose to volunteer our times at some charitable organisations or events. This is one way to pay forward for the society we live in.

This pretty much kept me occupied.

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