Raise your child to love reading

Back in the 1990s when there were no smartphones and broadband access to the Internet, we read published books and magazines that were printed on papers. E-reading of such materials was non-existent.

When our daughter was growing up during the 1990s, we would go to BORDERS at Wheelock Place as early as 9am to be the first in line to get into the bookstore. We enjoy browsing the books from picture books to books for young readers. As parents we are not stingy when comes to books. We would buy them.

We read to our daughter when she was still young to read on her own. When she was able to read, we would go to the libraries and borrow books. Because as parents we read, that must have influenced her to read. Now she is an independent reader who continues to read with joy. We can hold on to a good book from cover to cover. We can get immersed in a story and the plot and derive great joy of reading. If we allocate times for reading a book, we can be better than before we started.

Happy reading!

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3 Responses to Raise your child to love reading

  1. I totally agree! Books were my childhood. 🙂

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  3. Kudos to you for being such an amazing parent. Only parents can help instill a reading habit at an early age that can grow into a daily routine from which they can reap thousands of rewards including knowledge and pleasure. If you are interested we are running a small social campaign to promote the habit of reading. Check us out at https://thereadingladder.wordpress.com/

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