ROE of 40 Singapore stocks in FTSE All-World Global Benchmark

According to SGX, 40 Singapore stocks made to the list in FTSE All-World Global Benchmark. (Source: My Gateway Updates dated 30 May 2016)

28 stocks are from the STI component stocks. 12 stocks are non-STI component stocks. These were marked in the table below.

The Return on Equity (ROE) for the past 12 months was extracted from the lists provided in the source report. The indicative dividend yields were also extracted.

ROE tells how the company was performing for the shareholders. The higher ROEs suggest better performance over another company.

The table is sorted by ROEs from highest to lowest.

Counter ROE Div Yield (%) STI Stock
StarHub 153.9 5.7 Yes
SGX 40.9 4.1 Yes
M1 39.5 6.3 No
NOL 29.7 N/A No
ST Engr 23.1 3.1 Yes
Singapore Post 21.5 4.4 No
Singtel 15.6 4.5 Yes
SATS 15.0 3.6 Yes
Comfort Delgro 13.3 3.2 Yes
Jardine C&C 12.9 2.8 Yes
SIA Engr 12.6 3.7 Yes
Keppel Corp 12.4 6.3 Yes
SMRT 12.3 2.7 No
OCBC 11.4 4.2 Yes
UOB 11.0 3.8 Yes
DBS 10.9 3.9 Yes
Yangzijiang Shipbldg 10.1 4.9 Yes
Frasers Centrepoint T 9.4 6.1 No
Sembcorp Ind 9.1 3.9 Yes
CapitaMall Trust 9.1 5.3 Yes
SPH 8.9 3.8 Yes
Yanlord Land 8.6 1.2 No
City Developments 8.5 1.0 Yes
Global Logistics Prop 8.4 3.4 Yes
Venture Corp 8.2 5.9 No
Wilmar International 7.0 2.4 Yes
Ascendas REIT 6.8 6.4 Yes
CapitaComm Trust 6.5 6.1 Yes
CapitaLand 6.4 3.0 Yes
SIA 6.4 4.2 Yes
Suntec REIT 6.3 5.7 No
UOL 5.0 2.6 Yes
Hutchison Port Trust 4.8 10.8 Yes
Wing Tai Holdings 3.9 1.7 No
Golden Agr-Resources 1.0 1.3 Yes
Olam International 0.4 3.9 No
Genting Singapore 0.3 2.0 Yes
Sembcorp Marine -12.0 3.8 Yes
Noble Group -45.6 N/A No
Cosco Corp -52.1 N/A No

Source: SGX, Bloomberg, SGX StockFacts (Data as of 27 May 2016)

Disclaimer: The author disclaimed liabilities on use of this post by readers for investment decisions. Use them with caution. Also note that past performances of companies may not be indicative of future performances.

Copyright © 2016, limkimtong for Living Investment

The material presented is intended to be general and written in layman’s language as much as it is possible. The author shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of material written. Please seek professional advice from your financial advisor or financial institutions on material written covering financial matters.

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