Great Eastern Life – Returns on Life Insurance Participating Fund 2015

2015 was a difficult year for investments. Great Eastern Life released its 2015 investment returns recently after NTUC Income and Prudential. Great Eastern Life did better than both NTUC Income and Prudential. Its Life Insurance Participating Fund achieved a return of 2.24% ahead of NTUC Income (1.79%) and Prudential (0.20%).

Investment Returns (in %)

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Great Eastern Life 2.24 7.08 3.62 9.76 + 1.54 6.58
NTUC Income 1.79 5.45 1.63 8.56 – 0.88 5.90
Prudential * 0.20 5.90 5.20 11.00 + 0.20 7.20

* Figures for Prudential Assurance are for Singapore dollar products. It also has US dollar product with investment return of -3.9% (2014: 8.2%).

Participating Fund Size
In terms of Participating Fund size, NTUC Income ranked highest.

Fund Size (S$)
NTUC Income          S$24.5 billion
Great Eastern Life S$21.5 billion
Prudential                S$12.9 billion

Benefits payout
In terms of benefits payout, NTUC Income also ranked highest at 9.62% of Participating Fund size. Prudential had a better benefit payout experience from the angle of the insurance company (but not from the angle of policyholders).

Insurance Company    Total Benefits Payout       Payout as ratio Fund Size(%)
NTUC Income          S$2.3 billion                         9.62
Great Eastern Life S$1.7 billion                         7.90
Prudential                S$0.8 billion                         6.79

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