Reading novels needs not be an expensive affair

I have not been buying novels for a while. Even with the recent Kinokuniya sale that offered 20% discounts, I still did not buy a book. I was tempted to buy the bestseller “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins but decided not to.

You know what? I was delighted when I found the same novel at a jumble sale at Church of St. Ignatius this morning. It costs me just $2. One can find great books that were donated for raising funds for the Church. What we normally do was to read these books bought at the jumble sale and then return them back to the Church for onward sales to other people. Isn’t this a good idea?File_000

What is another source of cheap read or should I say free read? National Library Board (NLB) now carries many titles on fictions/novels. Some of these books are still currently on the bestsellers list. You need not pay a cent (except when you reserve a book at $1.55). I found “Go set a Watchman” by Harper Lee in Toa Payoh Library this week.File_000 (1)

So, reading fictions needs not be an expensive affair. The only thing that can hold us back is our determination to find time to do so!

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